Sunday, February 28, 2010

Broadcast and The Focus Group // I See, So I See

A bunch of us went to Chicago last October to see Broadcast. They performed a live soundtrack to a film, "WInter Sun Wavelengths" by Julian House. I talked to James Cargill of Broadcast before Atlas Sound performed, about Hans Richter, for some reason. I was a little tipsy. He mentioned "Dreams That Money Can Buy" a film directed by Hans Richter which has been unavailable in the US (Broadcast is from England) ---- but you can watch it online, link below. "Ghosts Before Breakfast" is a shorter one. It's original title in German is only one word: Vormittagsspuk. So there's a German word for "Ghosts Before Breakfast."

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zombie Killer Revisited

Bobby Ciraldo and Andrew Swant are two Milwaukee filmmakers who, along with Ray Chi, generously let their studio be used for "The Heavens." Their music videos are pretty bonkers. Colored by crazy, B-Movie humor and layers of video in fantastic spaces, which are all made digitally. I'm really impressed by the worlds they create from such a relatively small green screen studio. And they are genuine hit-makers of Youtube: their "What What In The Butt" video has been watched many millions of times and mentioned on South Park. Other projects of theirs include a documentary on a William Shatner ballet and an outer space adaptation of Hamlet. Below are links to their website and their Youtube page.

Special Entertainment

Brownmark Films

Agnes Duck - "Am I Crazy...?"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Someone Loves Kelsey // RIP Salvadore

now i am living in the sodo neighborhood of seattle. it is a warehouse district and i live in a warehouse. there is a message from someone, it looks like "mike-ton", spray-painted above my bed. you can hear the rain with crystal clarity hitting the roof above my bedroom. there is a heavy metal music venue in my building, so i've often had to wear headphones while reworking the soundtrack for "the heavens" first episode. also working on the alpha probe and listening to a lot of CAN. by the way, salvadore, one of the tortoises i photographed recently, passed away over the weekend. he was almost forty years old.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pablina & Salvadore of West Seattle

for a while i was looking for an apartment in seattle and i would stay in west seattle with my brother and his wife. my desk and computer were temporarily set up near the tortoise room, where pablina and salvador spend every single day of the winter--- living on grass and dandelion leaves, basking in florescent uv light, and barely moving for days. they are surprisingly loud animals because of their deadly claws. i would be working on the font for "the heavens" and hear something like falling books but it would only be the tortoises, who move just as slowly as you'd imagine. both are older than me. i am still looking for a certain clarendon. it looks a little like wells fargo's but lighter and taller.