Wednesday, October 30, 2013

V.I. Pudovkin's Film Technique & Film Acting

pudovkin cover

Haven't posted a book cover in a while. This one I've had for a long time, and is barely holding together. It's a paperback from 1978. I remember liking the text as well as its minimalistic cover. A more technical treatment of film technique, as opposed to Eisenstein's more theoretical writings. I've been looking at it today because of the colors, it being similar to what we're using for Speed of Sound materials. Kind of. It also seems to glow when you're holding the book in person, kind of like the Citizen Kane title card. You can't really see that from the scan.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Update 2


Since reaching picture lock on October 11th, there's still been plenty of work for us to do, with title card tests (top), effects shots (there are 25 of them), much soundtrack work (in addition to Matt composing the music we're both doing work on the sound mix) and I'm about to start working on getting the webpage up. The first festival we're submitting to has a deadline of November 14th, and that's the goal we're all working towards, minus some of the effects shots which will be completed after the fist submission. 

Its been a foggy, colorful, drizzly fall here. Good atmosphere for getting shit done.


I still can't help noticing these cell towers all over the place, and wanting to photograph them:


Monday, October 21, 2013

Oceana County Fair

I shot this on my phone while at the Shared Space residency in Pentwater, MI.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Speed of Sound Poster Art by Cecily Kuoc



Really excited to have these poster designs for Speed of Sound by Cecily Kuoc. They were recently accepted into the Look Here's Look See Director's Cut Exhibition 2013 in New South Wales, Australia.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Technicolor for your ears 4: Color Is Everywhere

technicolor 4

I put together another soundtrack mix after noticing the other three were cheerfully still up on mediafire. This one starts with the Knight Rider theme music and then moves on to Zombie movies, Jean Luc Godard par Anna Karina, Das Krautrock, the Jungle Book, Mighty Boosh, the famous and beloved Mothra song, and much more. Great for listening to in autumn and/or while getting shit done.

Link here

Illustrations by Norah Borges de Torre + page 86

morel il 1

These wonderful illustrations are by Norah Borges de Torre, the younger sister of Jorge Luis Borges, and are in the 1964 copy of The Invention of Morel that was used as an important prop in Speed of Sound. 

morel il 2
morel il 3
morel il 4
morel il 5
morel il 6

And I thought I would the below screen shot here, too. Also from the copy of Invention of Morel. It's from a part cut out from the movie, when this footnote was read out loud by Dave (Zach):

sos still 10

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vincent Marcus RIP

Vincent Marcus

Vincent Marcus is the character in "Speed of Sound" that leaves the message on Dave's phone. This was made for a sequence that's not in the finished film. Maybe I should've used a photo of him looking less glum?